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The Rhythm of Life video is here!

Thank you to all the great people who came out to be part of it!

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of Eugene Taylor’s groundbreaking album, “The Rhythm of Life.” Music has the power to mend hearts, change lives, and heal wounds. Experience the inspired vocals that have uplifted so many lives in their times of need. Singing to patients going to and coming from surgery at Rex Hospital, Eugene Taylor has come to be known as “The man whose happiness is contagious.” Catch some of that happiness in Eugene’s CD. Order it for yourself and order one as a gift for someone special.

See why Eugene Taylor is a highly sought after
ambassador of wellness
for area hospitals and nursing homes.

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Singing through the hospital halls

Melissa Harris-Perry’s “Footsoldier” this week is Eugene Taylor, who sings for patients he works with at Rex Hospital in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Eugene Taylor is “The Man Whose Happiness is Contagious”.


Bill Leslie of WRAL TV interviews Eugene Taylor and walks with him as Eugene entertains patients during his lunch break.

Drummer gotta drum … Eugene Taylor makes music that heals the soul

Djembe drummer greeted guests at The Gilded Palette during Sunday’s Artist Tour


Eugene provides music entertainment for the patients and visitors at Rex Hospital. You never know where Eugene will show up, but he always brings happiness with him.

The results are in, and Eugene Taylor is indeed the number one employee at Rex Hospital! Eugene’s dose of music is often better than medicine. His positive attitude and happiness is contagious! Eugene remains a well sought after talent by patients, visitors, and employees at Rex.

Check out Eugene at Artfields, one of the largest cultural, art events in the Southeast region. Hear Eugene talk about his music, and how he loves to use it to bring people together. Video prepared by The Meade Agency, Inc. in Florence S.C.