How can an artist that makes hanging quilt art be inspired by a musical artist? Easy. When the rhythm connects with the wind it draws people closer to the source and as they are drawn closer to the source, they discover the djembe drum. Then once they discover the djembe drum, they meet the drummer-Eugene Taylor, The DrumProphet.

Lorette Gearld, is an inspirational speaker and artist from Georgetown County, SC. She’s a feature artist this year at Artfields, the largest art competition in the Southeast. When she heard the lyrics of “Praise Not,” swirling around in the warm southern air, she was drawn to the source. As her mind wrapped around the beat of the djembe drum, Loretta spoke to Eugene as if they had been knowing each other for years. Loretta was inspired, and it was mutual as the two discussed their crafts with one another. After the exchange, Loretta purchased a copy of The Rhythm of Life CD.

Catch your rhythm of life like Loretta did today. The Rhythm of Life CD is available for purchase on iTunes, Google Play,, Amazon, and