imageI went into Rex hospital on my day off to work for a co-worker. I happened to be in X-ray when another one of my co-workers transported this lady, Beverly Williams, into the room for her procedure. She exclaimed, “Eugene!” I was equally surprised, because I had just seen a status about her condition on Facebook. It never fails, the Lord always places me in the right place at the right time. Later, when it was time for me to leave work, I started out the door and God turned me back around and told me that I needed to go visit Beverly.  So, I went to Beverly’s room and sung “Be Well,” from “The Rhythm of Life” CD. God allowed me to lift Beverly’s spirit through music! I am always blessed by these encounters. What can I say?  I am just the Lord’s humble servant in His greater plan!! He gives me this word of encouragement to sing to patients, “Be Well, my friend, Be Well. A healing power in you dwells!”