I would have to say that my rhythm of life is pretty hectic right now. I am a wife, a mother with small kids, a leader in a demanding career, I have aging parents with health issues, and I am involved in other activities. Yet, I know I have to take better care of myself so that I can have the strength and health to take care of everything and everyone else in my life. I will tell anyone that having kids past age 35, and especially at 40 isn’t that easy on the body. So, for the past 2 years I’ve been trying to lose the weight I’ve gained from my pregnancies and I am also trying to combat genetics. I have a family history that includes obesity, high blood pressure and arthritis. So, I know I need to eat right and have an excercise regiment. My preferred method of excercise, is outdoor walking. I began slacking off a bit last year, but I’ve since recommitted. This morning I walked, but I needed a little more motivation to get started. So, I went into my Apple Music on my phone and played Eugene Taylor’s “The Rhythm of Life,” song. I previously downloaded it from iTunes. The first words Eugene sings is “C’mon! I see you coming, I see you coming!”  Then I am like, “Yes! World, here I come! I am back in the game!”  Then Eugene sings, “It’s the rhythm of life.” So, while walking I am internalizing the words in the song. I found myself walking faster, and I felt the stress slipping away. Then Eugene goes on to sing “Step, step, step, step!” It’s like he’s right there beside me, coaching me, and cheering me on. “The Rhythm of Life” song was a pleasant addition to my morning walk. I now feel calmer, and more in sync with life. The song even has this beautiful bird chirping which is actually Eugene whistling! I hear the chirping while I am walking, and I look up at the trees and the sky, and I truly feel very grateful. I am grateful that I have limbs that can move and that I have a present day opportunity to get healthy. I am grateful for today! Now, I feel like my rhythm of life is more manageable. I also feel accomplished because I walked over 2 miles, listening to “The Rhythm of Life” the entire way! I would not only recommend this song for walking, it’s just great for listening. Thanks Eugene! 😊

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