People from all walks of life are finding happiness and hope just through the sounds of Eugene Taylor’s “The Rhythm of Life,” CD. This beautiful lady told Eugene Taylor, recording artist and musician, that she was from Puerto Rico and that his music reminded her of home. She encountered Eugene, who was street performing one day in downtown Raleigh, NC. After listening to his soulful vocals and talented drumming she exclaimed, “You have blessed me today! Do you have a CD?”  At the time, Eugene’s CDs weren’t even on display but he happily said, “Of course!” Then he made this fan’s day by pulling out a CD which she eagerly purchased. When I asked Eugene Taylor about this fan’s reaction to his music, Eugene simply said, “When you play from the heart, it will reach the heart.”

I can find no better way to put it. Eugene Taylor doesn’t sing or play music just to perform. Eugene sings and plays his drum to reach and touch the hearts of people. Touching the heart is what Eugene Taylor The DrumProphet is all about. Experience the music that touches hearts and inspires it with hope! Listen now to “The Rhythm of Life” CD at,, iTunes, and Google Play!