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Dianne Masiclat, a Registered Nurse and Manager in Employee Health Services at UNC Rex Healthcare, smiles as she holds up her copy of Eugene’s CD, “Rhythm of Life.” This CD is very special to Dianne because she has been a supporter and fan of Eugene’s for several years. She even gave Eugene a very special gift. Dianne gave Eugene the small hand djembe drum that he uses in the hospital to play for patients. It started one day when someone had a song request and Eugene did not have the older drum that he used to carry around. Eugene remembered seeing a small djembe drum in Employee Health, located right beside Dianne’s desk. So, Eugene immediately walked over to Dianne’s office, and asked if he could borrow her djembe drum. To Eugene’s surprise, Dianne said Eugene could have the drum, upon one condition. He had to put the drum to good use. Dianne had heard Eugene’s music and knew that he loved to share it with the hospital’s patients. So, she was confident that Eugene would put the drum to good use.  And that he did! Since that time, Eugene has used the drum that Dianne gave him to play for patients receiving chemotherapy, and dialysis treatment. He also uses the drum to play for other patients, visitors of the hospital, family members of patients and his co-workers. Eugene can be spotted through out Rex Healthcare on any given day, playing the small djembe down the halls, in the elevators, at the nurses’ station or in a patient’s room. Dianne’s gift, has been a blessing not only to Eugene, but to the many patients who have heard and enjoyed its deep rich healing sound. It is certainly the gift that has kept on giving!