imageI’ve been labeled “The Man Whose Happiness Is Contagious,” by staff at the hospital where I work. It’s because I walk throughout the halls of the hospital with joy in my heart, and I love sharing this happiness with others. It’s the simple things in life that truly make me happy. For example, good food makes me happy. Playing outdoors with my two young daughters make me happy. I also love great coffee, a good laugh, and most importantly–football!  However, it does bring me extreme happiness to share my musical gift with patients in the hospital where I work. I love encouraging those who are hopeless, if it gives them hope. I love whistling, if it will take away someone’s stress and anxiety. I love singing, if it will erase worry, and make a patient sing along. I love bringing peace to someone who may need it. I love comforting visitors in the hospital, and love ones who standby, smiling through their tears. And of course, I love making great music, and acquiring new fans! These are just a few of the things that make me happy. So, I hope that someone is listening to “The Rhythm of Life,” CD right now, and experiencing happiness. Please check it out now at Catch the rhythm!