Yolanda Davis, is the executive director and co-founder of Dee’s House Inc, in Wilson NC. Dee’s House is a non-profit organization that provides mentoring programs to young boys and an enriched educational program for pre-school age children. The pre-school is no cost to parents who qualify for its services. Yolanda Davis proudly boasts that the school’s three and four year olds can read and are often ready for kindergarten before age five. Therefore, she’s serious about cultivating an enriching and uplifting learning environment for her kids. So, when Yolanda heard samples of the tracks from “The Rhythm of Life,” cd she knew she wanted to play this type of music in her classroom. Yes, Yolanda Davis caught the rhythm! I hope her kids enjoy the positive and inspirational sounds of Eugene Taylor! For more information on purchasing The Rhythm of Life cd, please visit www.drumprophet.com.