Bob Schaefer found the perfect gift for the special people in his life. Bob and family were in Wake Forest, NC one day for the Historic Home Tour, and afterwards landed at the Wake Forest Coffee Company for hot drinks. Without knowing it, Bob had stumbled across an amazing experience !!! That day Eugene Taylor was there performing with Diogenes Ruiz.

Bob later posted on Facebook, “Happening upon Eugene Taylor and Diogenes Ruiz turned out to be the high point of our day !!! Truly incredible music !!! … I just ordered 3 CDs. Thank you Eugene and Diogenes …. you are amazing !!! Thank you for your inspiring music!”

Bob Schaefer stumbled upon a priceless and amazing experience. Bob experienced the Rhythm of Life and knew he wanted to experience it at home, in his car, or wherever he happened to be. Here’s Bob, featured in this picture, holding up his three copies of “The Rhythm of Life” CDs. Two will be gifts to the special people in his life.  Give the gift of music today!  Visit us at