Anyone who knows Eugene Taylor knows that he carries his drum with him wherever he goes. Even when he takes his young daughters to the park. One day, Eugene just so happened to be in a park located in Wake Forest, NC.  As he watches his daughters play, Eugene decides to pull out his djembe drum to slap out a few tunes. A few minutes later a young couple walks up. They were in awe of the sound coming from the drum, and they liked the rhythm. Bobbie, the young lady, says to Eugene, “We could hear you all the way up there!” She then points towards a nearby street that is high above the park and which was several hundred feets away. Then the young man, Anthony chimes in to say, “We actually thought the town was having some type of street party or festival. It really sounded like it was more than one music instrument..” They were surprised to learn that the music and rhythm they heard was simply coming from a drum.

That day Anthony and Bobbie decided to take a detour because they were drawn to the rhythm, the rhythm of life coming from Eugene’s drum. Eugene and his drum has that effect on people. It draws them near. That day a friendship was formed between a drummer and a young man and woman. “The Rhythm of Life” reaches and touches people from all walks of life. It’s the rhythm that binds us. Experience the inspiring vocals and music that binds and draws people near. Listen to “The Rhythm of Life” CD today by visiting